Elements of a Good Resume

Elements of a Good Resume

A resume is a crucial document in securing a new job. You need to have a good cover letter along with it when you go for interviews. The resume is the first introduction to you and your skills and it lays the initial groundwork in getting you noticed out of hundreds of other applications. So you need to be very careful about how you present the information on a resume for somebody to easily read through it.

Maintaining Clarity

A resume should have clarity that allows potential employers to scan it within a small time to get the gist. This requires that you stick to a simple template when writing a resume. If you are not sure of how to write an appealing resume you can get some external help. You can look for firms that specialize in resume writing for mining jobs. These companies have many experts who will know exactly what to do to make your resume stand out from the rest. They will know the best way to position different sections of the resume and how to present the important information quickly and efficiently. Make sure that you use a font that is easy to read and bullet points instead of lengthy paragraphs to get your point across quickly.

Priority Placement for Contact Information

Many people tend to ignore the relevance of placing contact information at the top of the resume. This is what lists how the employers can get in touch with you and you have to make sure that it is very visible. Your email address and phone number should be listed with the physical address you are staying at. If you have a website of your own, adding that to the contact list will be also beneficial. Another useful addition is the link to your LinkedIn profile. A lot of hiring managers check the online presence of future candidates and your LinkedIn profile is one of the first places to check.

Experience That Is Relevant for the Job

You should include any and all experience you have that can be relevant to the job. It is not just a description of what you had for duties in your past jobs. You have to be more descriptive here by adding your accomplishments, contributions to the betterment of the past company, and the results of your effort. By explaining what you have achieved in past jobs that can help you in the current job you’re applying for, you can let the hiring managers know how versatile your experience is. 

The educational experience is another important section that should go in a resume. All the relevant information about higher education should be listed as well as the particulars about the institution you attended, your major and the degree that you carry. You can place this section after professional experience so that they can get an idea of your background.

List Out Relevant Skills

Think about the skills you have that can be an advantage in the job position you’re applying for. You may be experienced in certain software that comes in useful this position. You can also list what particulars about your personality are useful for the aspects of the job. You need to place yourself in a good position with a realistic listing of skills and experience so that your professionalism shines through.

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