Benefits of Living on Campus

Benefits of Living on Campus

Selecting the right college and the major to follow is a complicated task. However, once this is done, the process of moving out can be even more stressful. One of the major decisions one has to make when they are planning to move out from home and move close to the campus is finding the right accommodation.

Whilst there could be many options, living on campus could be one of the common options available for most students. When deciding on accommodation, it is important to factor in the pros and cons to ensure that you make the right decision. Following are some of the key benefits of living on campus.

In terms of on campus accommodation, many people think it involves many strict rules, small rooms and limited facilities. However, one maybe surprised to know that on campus accommodation can be extremely affordable, comfortable and very beneficial for a student. Therefore, following are some of the key benefits of living on campus that a student must know before making a choice.


This is one of the most obvious benefits of living on campus. A student will be able to save up on commuting as the dorms are located on campus. Further, as the accommodation is located within the vicinity, a student can use the extra time that is spent on the road either driving or commuting on something else. This extra time comes in handy when a student has exams, assignments to complete or even events to organize and attend.


If one is moving out for the first time and is worried about security, on campus lifestyle would be ideal. On campus accommodation will provide students the necessary security and ensure the safety. You can speak to a student counsellor and request security information and check it out yourself. Therefore, a student will be able to focus completely on their academic life without having to worry about any security concerns when living on campus.


Another major benefit of living on campus is being able to access many facilities that are provided. From study halls, computer labs, libraries, dining halls and pools, the on-campus life will provide you access to all of these facilities offered by the campus. Furthermore, students will also be able to access the counselling and health care facilities offered by the campus. Most campuses offer these facilities with minimum to no cost for their students.


College life is not only about academics. It is also about extracurricular activities that will expand your horizon. When you live on campus, students will be able to make advantage of all the events ranging from musicals to fundraisers happening on campus premises. This will allow new student residents to socialize with other students and build friendships as well.

Choosing a place to live when you attend college could be a tough decision. However, there are many benefits a student could obtain when living on campus other than the above-mentioned points. However, the benefits stated above could easily be considered as major reasons why one would pick on campus accommodation over other means.

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